Mo Pippy Music

Serving the Chicagoland area for over 15 years!


Lessons are designed to be fun, relatable, and tailored to fit

the individual student's needs and preferences

Private Lessons


60 Minutes

Bring/refer a friend for $5 off!

Lessons Include:

Warm-up Exercises

Review Scales & Cords

New Scales & Cords

Ear Training

Music Theory

New Techniques

Song Choice / Etude

Homework Assignments

Master Class Series



Bring a friend for $5 off!

Workshop Examples:

Music Theory



Soloing / Improv

Rhythm & Beats


12 Bar Blues & Beyond

How to Practice

How to Restring &

Clean Your Guitar

Gear Maintenance

Performance Coaching


30 Minutes

Add-on for $5 off!

Performance Coaching Includes:

Creating Your Gig

Survival Kit

How to Prepare Material

for Your Gig

Performance Etiquette

Stage Presence

Knowing Your Audience

How to Soundcheck

Dress for Success